Warren County Library Addition?

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The Bowling Green/ Warren County Public Library has two locations to serve you but are looking at adding more.

The library board is discussing the possibility of adding a third location to the southern end of the county due to its rapid population growth.

"We're just now starting to try to determine, number one- the need, number two-the location, and number three-the level of community support for the development going to be where we can best serve our patrons," said Jim Johnson, board chairman.

The board is seeking the help of the city to determine where a possible third branch should be located.

"All they were asking from the Planning Commission was where we saw some of the residential development occurring over the next five years. Where the commercial developments' occurring, and where some of the road projects would be happening over the next six years," said Andy Gillies of the Bowling Green/ Warren County Planning Commission.

The board and the Planning Commission discussed Elrod Road, along the Natcher Extension and the Rich Pond area as possible locations.

Johnson said Monday's meeting was very helpful, but its only the first step.

"The next step would be for the staff to develop the need to talk to the folks at state library level to see what they think would work best.
I re-itereates that this is only preliminary discussions," Johnson continued.

There is no definitive decision on building another branch.

Johnson did say, however, if it does become a reality, he would like to see it completed by 2010.