Evansville Family Files Lawsuit Against City of Bowling Green and BGPD

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Since Ali Carter's death last April, Kentucky State Police have yet to release the speed of BGPD Officer David Hall's car at the time of the crash. The Carter's Attorney Philip Grossman said the family has been very patient and are looking for answers.

"They would like to get the case finished sooner not later. They would like the city to take responsibility, we need to move it along." Grossman explained right before he filed the lawsuit with City of Bowling Green.

"The family will get answers to questions, hopefully the City and BGPD will take responsibility for what happened to Ali Carter."

Ali Carter was killed when Kentucky State Police said she ran a stop sign at the intersection of 13th and Kentucky Streets, pulling in front of Hall while he was on his way to another call. The family is filing a lawsuit citing negligence on behalf of Hall and the City of Bowling Green.

Kentucky State Police said they have four accident re-constructionists investigating the raw data from Hall's cruiser and haven't been able to identify his speed yet.

To view the news release regarding the lawsuit filed by the Carter's and their attorney, Phillip Grossman, click here.