Stores Prepare for "Black Friday"

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Its the calm before the storm. Less than 48 hours before hundreds of shoppers descend on their favorite stores to purchase Christmas gifts for loved ones.

Retailers such as Target are gearing up for the largest influx of shoppers of the year in one day by getting started early.

"We really started probably the second week in October getting ready for Black Friday," said Jim Sauerhaber, Target store team leader.

Sauerhaber also said they began hiring additional holiday employees several weeks ago.

"Then we started getting merchandise probably about two and a half weeks ago and that's really the beginning of when we do the bulk of our work."

Target has spent the last couple of days unpacking items and loading them on tubs and flats so they can easily be wheeled out once a product is sold out on the showroom floor.

While Target began prepping weeks ago, Dillard's department store has needed much less time.

"Today! We do it within 24 hours. We'll come in early on Friday morning to do last minute things maybe we didn't get signed or that kind of thing," noted Norma Lee of Dillard's.

Sauerhaber said the pace of customers coming in and out and his employees will see on Friday is truly manic.

"Its a very fast pace for the guests because once they get in here, more than likely they have somewhere else they want to go shop that day. So they want to get in here and they have certain things they're buying," said Sauerhaber.

According Sauerhaber, Target expects between 500 and 1,000 shining faces greeting him when the doors open on Black Friday.

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