Holiday Travel

This is getaway day across the country. Tens of millions of us are on the way to turkey dinner at someone else's house. Those traveling by air will find the trip more complicated than last year's.

ABC's Andrea Canning reports.

On Thanksgiving Eve, red and white lights heading north and south could be seen for miles on Interstate 395 in Springfield, Va., and from a bird's eye view the holiday traffic around New York and Chicago didn't look much better. Earlier in the day a chemical spill on a Los Angeles freeway only intensified the commute, with more than 31 million drivers out on the roads, law enforcement is out in full force.

From California to the Carolinas troopers are posted every 10 miles along Interstate 40.

"For 10 hours you're going to have a trooper every 10 miles across the United States, that's never been done before," said Lt. Pete Norwood, Oklahoma Highway.

Five million travelers are expected to travel by air this Thanksgiving. In Minneapolis baggage handlers for Northwest Airlines stopped working because of a labor dispute. For the mid-atlantic states it was rain and high winds delaying flights. In Houston things were moving along well.

TSA is also reminding passengers about the 3-1-1 rule for carry-ons. No liquids more than three ounces, seal them in a one quart plastic bag and one bag per person.

Andrea Canning, ABC news, Washington.

If you are traveling here in South Central Kentucky be prepared for extra patrol on the roads. Roadblocks are going to be set up throughout South Central Kentucky.

To view a press releases containing the roadblocks click here.