Munfordville: One Year After the Storm

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On Nov. 6, 2005, the lives of the citizens of Munfordville, Ky., forever changed as an F2 tornado ripped through their downtown.

"It was a disaster, i had to walk from the hart county bank into the nursing home and it was devastating. It just happened, and to see everything it was just beyond themselves, all going in different directions," Jenny Sparks said.

Now over a year after the storm, residents look back at what was lost and give thanks for what was not.

"I guess I'm probably most thankful for my parents and my students they've been so patient. They don't complain," Yvetta Reynolds said.

"We don't have a playground for the students to play on. We don't have a cafeteria, except a mobile cafeteria, and some of the students have go back to their classrooms to eat. Parents like to eat with their kids, and we just don't have room for that this year. Nobody complains and we just have to make the best of the situation we have."

"What I'm thankful for that didn't happen was that the residents we all safe, the community was all safe, no one was hurt," Sparks said.

Even though damage to downtown Munfordville was severe with the loss of a Save A-lot grocery store, historical home built in 1835, and substantial damage to a car dealership the city is working everyday to rebuild. Even with heavy machinery working on the historical square, the city is working to keep up its historical feel. From the outside City Hall looks like it did before Nov. 6, but walk inside and even a year later the destruction is still very apparent.

Life in Munfordville has changed forever, but talk to residents and its evident that life spared what their most thankful for.

"I'm most thankful that no one was injured, and that we've been able to rebuild and can see, the town is rebuilding, and we're back in our home, it's going to be wonderful to be back in our home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and from now on hopefully."

Munfordville's Mayor, John Johnson said the city hopes to have City Hall rebuilt by the spring of next year. The city's town square will see quite a face lift as a new justice center will be built in place of the Save A-lot and Barret house that were destroyed in the storm.