Alleged Incident Outside Daycare in Bowling Green


It's one of a parent's greatest fears, thinking your child could be harmed or in some way violated by a stranger.

Earlier this week, a mother says she and her child were the victims of a very disturbing act, as a strange man outside a daycare facility allegedly fondled himself while looking at her young child.

After the mother picked her child up from the WKU off-campus childcare center on Bryant Way, and headed towards the back of the building where she was parked, she says she saw someone who didn't belong there.

A strange man was allegedly standing at the back window, looking through the cracks of the blinds, at the children inside.

The mother says he was exposed and fondling himself. She says she stopped and made eye contact with the man, but wasn't prepared for what came next.

She says she got the impression he was going to run off, but instead, he turned and looked at her daughter, and "finished his business." After that, the man allegedly took off running.

Bowling Green Police are investigating this alleged incident, but as long as this man is still out there, the victim urges neighborhood parents to be more watchful of their children.

The Police Report on file states the victim says she located the suspect on the Kentucky State Police Sex Offender Registry, and also states she is sure that the suspect is the same person she saw at the daycare center.

Police are investigating the matter, if you know anything about this alleged incident, you are urged to call the Bowling Green Police at 393-4000.