Angel Tree

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Some walked past, while others took a look. There were also some indulged in the Christmas spirit and adopted an angel.

Along with today being the biggest shopping day of the year, the Salvation Army set up and prepared for their annual Angel Tree adoption.

"We are delighted that the community will join in and come out and adopt an angel. By doing that they take a name off the tree that has sizes and request of what children would like and if you're willing to purchase that gift then you would take that name then purchase and bring it back and turn it in and it will be given to someone who would not have a Christmas otherwise," said Angel Tree Chairman, Romanza Johnson.

Through the Angel Tree program, shoppers individually choose a child to adopt and make their Christmas dreams come true.

"We feel good about helping people who might not otherwise have a Merry Christmas," Johnson said.

The tradition of the Angel Tree has been bringing joy to thousands of children's lives for over a hundred years.

"We hope this year we can bring happiness to many familes," Johnson finished by saying.