Disscussion About Possible Bowling Green Crime Lab

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The Director of the Bowling Green- Warren County Drug Task Force, Tommy Loving, says with the amount of cases that are handled in Warren County and the surrounding area, Bowling Green needs to have a crime lab.

"Warren County produces the fourth most cases in the state, we're only surpassed by jefferson, kenton, and fayette counties, and each of those counties has approximate forensic access to a lab. Where we're, depending on which lab we use, 85 to 110 miles away."

Loving says the topic of a crime lab in Bowling Green is not a new issue.

"Over the last six or eight years theres been a lot of discussion some legislative interest in trying to have a lab here in bowling green. Judge Buchanon has come up with some ideas and is hopefully pushing to bring this lab to Bowling Green."

He also says the lab would not just be used by Bowling Green and Warren County but by the entire region as well.

"Generating so many cases and so many cases from this region, with the task forces starting in Barren, South Central Kentucky, along with what's generated by Bowling Green Police, state police here, and the sheriff's office, there's more than enough lab activity to keep a lab busy here in Bowling Green."

Loving says the time it takes for a lab in Kentucky to process crime scene evidence has greatly decreased over the years. It only takes between 15 and 30 days to get evidence back after it has been sent to one of the state's crime labs.