Seasonal Sickness

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Its that time of year again... turkeys, Christmas trees and sickness.

This season the symptoms are...

"Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. We're seeing a lot of cough congestion, nasal congestion," says registered nurse at Greenview Hospital, Kelly Polak.

Polak says the viruses which are making us sick are transferred a number of ways.

"Contact, usually if you're not washing hands very frequently. If you leave food out and let other people touch it. If you're coughing, not covering your mouth when sneezing."

Other than slightly lowering the immune system, lack of warm clothing such as jackets and hats don't seem to be one of those ways.

"Maybe if people aren't dressing appropriately, they might get chilled or sneezing or coughing and that might stir up something but
Ultimately viruses and bacterial are the reason why you get ill," reminds Polak.

Beware, over-the-counter medicines you may take to get rid of a seasonal illness may not fully take care of the issue.

"Over-the-counter medications just treat your symptoms. If you do have a bacterial infection, you will need an antibiotic. Viral infections they don't treat with antibiotics. Like I said, you're just treating the symptoms with over-the-counter drugs," says Polak.

She says the seasonal sickness could reach its peak in January or February.