Holiday Pet Safety

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Decorations put many people in the Christmas spirit and are always enjoyable to look at, but many times these decorations can be very dangerous to your pets.

"The loose electrical cords are unfortunately a problem this time of year," said James Miller of the Bowling Green Humane Society. "Cats tend to want to play with them because they are dangling, and with cats generally one thing leads to another and before you know it they have bit it in half."

Christmas trees can even be a hazard to your pets.

"With Christmas this time of year if you do have pets I would recommend keeping glass and ornaments that could potentially break and create sharp pieces up higher so the dogs and cats would be less likely to inject those," Miller said.

A big decoration at Christmas time is mistletoe, but pet owners may want to think twice before purchasing this little holiday hazard.

"With the mistletoe it is potentially (dangerous) and they should be kept up and away from animals because ingesting those could cause a lot of problems," Miller said.

The holidays can also be a stressful time for everyone, including your pets!

"If you are having a lot of relatives over you might want to lock them (your pets) up and keep them put up for the day or evening," Miller said.

As for those holiday leftovers giving those to your pet isn't always healthy.

"It's healthier for a dog to stick with dog food, and if you want to give them a treat give them milk bones," Miller said.

Along with the holidays comes cold weather and the Bowling Green Humane Society wants to make sure that all pets are staying warm. They recommend if you have an outside pet that you provide shelter for the animal along with straw bedding or cedar shavings to keep the animal warm. They also recommend you check the animals water bowl frequently to make sure it has not frozen over.