Caver Slips, Falls to His Death

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A 40-year-old caver from Cincinnati is dead after falling some 30 feet while leaving a cave in a system near the Kentucky-Tennessee line.

The chief deputy coroner of Pulaski County said Edward Martin was the last in a group making their way out of a cave shortly before sunset on Nov. 25, 2006, when he fell to his death.

Jim McWhorter said Martin and the others entered the Sloans Valley Cave system near Burnside in mid-afternoon, explored part of a cave and decided to leave. He said the group split up because some considered the exit too dangerous.

McWhorter said three cavers ahead of Martin made it out safely, but Martin slipped and fell, striking rocks on his way down. The deputy coroner said Martin had been caving for a dozen years.

Burnside is 30 miles west-southwest of London, Ky.