Christmas Myth Busted

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If there ever were a Christmas story that explained how a reputation stuck, the Poinsettia would have a tale to tell.

"Well many stories are going around that Poinsettias are poisonous," said Johnny Douglas, owner of Broadway Florist, who knows flowers and plants.

You might have heard it from your grandmother from Christmas' past.
It is said that a boy was killed after eating a Poinsettia one Christmas more than a century ago and ever since the Poinsettia has been feared poisonous.

"I think it's a myth," said Tony Bradley, a designer with Stems and The Flower Shop in Bowling Green, Ky. "Every time a customer calls, they ask is this going to hurt my pets?"

Douglas is surprised to hear that Poinsettias aren't poisonous, he's always heard otherwise. "There's always fallacies going around."

The Kentucky Regional Poison Control Center will no longer allow the flower symbolizing holiday cheer be poisoned with a bad reputation.

"It's about as dangerous as lettuce without the vitamins," said Henry Spiller, director of the Poison Control Center in Kentucky.

Also according to Spiller one would have to eat more than eight plants to get sick. "So if your a cow, and your feeding on this, than yes it could cause some problems."

Spiller is hoping this year, there will be no more stories!

To learn more visit the Kentucky Regional Poison Control Center