Adventures in Kentucky: Mountain Biking

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The park at Mammoth Cave offers more than just the world's longest cave. The park also offers all sorts of activities and mountain biking is one of them.

With miles of trails to choose from, it would take quite some time to explore them all. As with any adventure, a good map is key and Willie Marble with Nats was able to guide Lokits in the right direction.

"This is Sal Hollow Trail. We are gonna be taking that. It says it's a little over eight miles. So, an eight mile trail here at Mammoth Cave, it looks pretty good. Nice day, couldn't ask for a better day, tons of sunshine, so Sal Hollow Trail this is it," Lokits said.

Riding the trails at Mammoth Cave, one can't help but notice the peacefulness that can only find when civilization is miles away. Another advantage of riding in this rugged terrain is the sights along the way.

"I tell you what, out here. Some of the stuff you come across is just cool and there's really no way you'd ever see it unless you came out here," Lokits said.

To help with navigating through the beautiful scenery, the trails are extremely well marked and easy to follow. As Lokits continued on his ride he noticed that he was quickly loosing daylight and the ride would have to be cut short.

"I'm finding myself at a crossroads here. I think we are losing day-light so i think we'll take the road more traveled and head out this jeep path here and make our way out and get back to the truck before we lose all the daylight we have," Lokits said.

For more information on mountain biking at Mammoth Cave you can call (270) 758-2180.

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