Allen County Cold Case Re-Examined

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Peggy Sue Ashley disappeared July, 28, 2000 .The 23-year-old mother of three from Scottsville, Ky., was never seen or heard from since. Authorities have received numerous tips and dozens of leads, but nothing has led them to Ashley.

Now, a an undercover detective with the Allen County Sheriff's Department is revisiting this mystery. He hopes enough time has elapsed since Ashley vanished, so someone will come forward.

"Somebody out there knows where Peggy Sue Ashley is," said the undercover detective. "It's impossible to vanish off the face of the earth without somebody being aware of what happened."

Nov. 28, 2006, on WBKO at 6 p.m., Peggy Sue Ashley's steps the night she vanished will be retraced. Also it will be explained how a psychic may have helped shed some light on this case.