Allen County Cold Case Update

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The bizarre disappearance of an Allen County woman dominated headlines in South Central Kentucky in 2000. Peggy Sue Ashley, a 23-year-old mother of three, vanished without a trace. While the story faded from the news, it never left the hearts of the victim’s family or the lead investigator in the case.

“I talk to her mother frequently, fairly regularly; I guess like any parent she hopes, but I also think she has a fairly realistic view about the situation,” the anonymous undercover detective said.

Six years after she vanished, Peggy Sue Ashley is still considered a missing person, but one Allen County detective is determined to keep her case alive.

“I’m still looking and I’m going to keep looking,” the detective explained.

One of the last times Peggy Sue Ashley was seen on July 28, 2000, was when she walked into this police department claiming her boyfriend beat her. Ashley left the department around 1:30 a.m., but police said she wasn’t alone.

A white pickup truck followed her a few miles down the road to a parking lot where security cameras caught Ashley and the driver on tape.

The man who police said was a male acquaintance from Munfordville, Ky., told authorities he picked up Ashley, took her to use a payphone, then brought her back to her car. But phone records showed no calls were made.

That white truck was later taken to the State Crime Lab in Frankfort for closer inspection.

“In attempt to find any evidence, anything that would link her to the truck or where she’d been killed, again, nothing,” is what the detective said he wanted to find, but didn’t.

Ashley never checked on her children, never touched her bank account and no one has heard from her since. Detectives say Ashley’s then boyfriend had an alibi that night and they don’t believe he’s responsible for her disappearance. But who is... remains a mystery.

“Somebody out there knows where Peggy Sue Ashley is. It’s impossible to vanish off the face of the earth without somebody being aware of what happened,” the detective explained.

This case has generated a lot of leads, some as recent as two months ago, but none have led to Ashley. At one point investigators turned to a psychic for guidance who urged authorities to search a farm in Hart County. They did, but found nothing.

Detectives are now hoping this story can help crack Peggy Sue Ashley’s cold case.

“Somebody who might have been afraid to speak up at the time might be willing to come forward now and that’s what I’d like,” the detective said.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Peggy Sue Ashley, you’re urged to call the Allen County Sheriff’s Department at (270) 237-3210.