Election Changes

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Kentucky's secretary of state is calling for changes in the state's election equipment, and he wants lawmakers to head up those changes.

Secretary of State Trey Grayson said Kentucky lawmakers should approve and fund early voting programs and equipment that would create paper trails.

Kentucky's general election this month did not have any major problems, Grayson told a legislative elections panel, but voters would have more confidence in the integrity of Kentucky elections and perhaps more would show up at the polls.

Across the state, there were more than 4,000 races this year, including 247 judicial races, six congressional bouts and 52 legislative contests. Following the election some lawmakers complained of delays at the ballot box and in tabulating the results.

House Speaker Jody Richards of Bowling Green, Ky., has said that new electronic voting machines in place across the state may stifle voter turnout by causing lengthy lines.

Senate President David Williams of Burkesville, Ky., is among the legislative leaders who have said they would support implementing an electronic paper trail.

Several counties in South Central Kentucky had issues with the new voting machines causing those running for office to wait several hours for final results.