BGMU vs. School Update

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"At this time the property has been purchased. The equipment has been purchased. We are starting grout injection out on the property and at this time the project is on go," BGMU's Miles McDaniel said.

So it seems that after months of discussion between Anchored Christian School and Bowling Green Municipal Utilities, a third substation will be built in front of the school.

Members of the Glendale Baptist Church came to the October BGMU board meeting to voice concerns over having the substation put in front of their school. The main concern from parents was that electric fields from the substation would cause their children to get sick. They felt BGMU had failed to address the congregation's questions and concerns. So BGMU held an open house.

"We had three or four different stations. Some of the stations consisted of substation construction, emf's, and also we had a station to discuss our distribution system as a whole," McDaniel said.

McDaniel also said the open house addressed all such concerns brought to them.

Officials from Anchored Christian Schools were unavailable for comment regarding the continuation of the substation.

BGMU also maintains the necessity that the new substation be built.

"If during a peak loading condition, if we were to lose one of the delivery points we currently have there would be a possibility that we would have to cut power," McDaniel said.

McDaniels also said they hope to have the substation up and running by summer 2007.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the substation, contact Miles McDaniel at (270) 782-4537.

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