Medical Center Expansion Project Challenged

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The Medical Center recently filed for a Certificate of Need for an expansion project which would add 56 acute-care beds and over 127,000 square feet of space in a new patient tower.

Doris Thomas, the vice president of the Medical Center in Bowling Green, was disappointed to hear on the morning of Nov. 30, 2006, that officials with the Greenview Regional Hospital were challenging the Medical Center's proposed $56 million project.

"We filed the CON at the end of September, and tomorrow is the deadline for filing a request for a hearing. We learned this morning that Greenview has filed for a request for a hearing, and typically what that means is that when you file a request for a hearing it's because you're going to challenge it,” Thomas said.

Thomas also said that they are disappointed in Greenview Hospital's decision to challenge their project, because she said it isn't one that will result in duplicated services that will affect Greenview.

"We serve a broad regional market. We have many services available that Greenview does not offer,” Thomas said.

Thomas also said the expansion project is simply about meeting the growing demand for the hospitals care services in the area.

"We simply do not have the capacity to meet those needs and with the projected growth of the Bowling Green area and the region we certainly need to be planning for that and currently we can't meet that demand,” Thomas said.

Officials with the Greenview Regional Hospital were not available for an interview but they did send the following statement to WBKO: "Greenview Regional Hospital is opposing the Medical Center's recent CON submission because it does not meet state criteria for the approval of additional acute care beds. According to the most recently published data by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health & Family Services, South Central Kentucky is adequately served with the number of acute care beds currently available in our area."

Thomas said the next step now will be a hearing that will take place in January. She says the Medical Center should hear from the Certificate of Need by mid February letting them know whether or not the expansion is a go.

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