A Stroll Down Memory Lane

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and Warren County’s Historic Preservation Board is hoping your old photos have a lot to say.

It’s not just pictures their looking for, but slides, film, audio, and video as well as anything you can find that’s at least 30 years old will do. There’s a lot of history in downtown Bowling Green, Ky., and you can help the Historic Preservation Board piece it all together.

“We hope to borrow photos, films, video, and any image people have that’s at least 30 years old,” said Robin Ziegler of the Historic Preservation.

The collection project is called Sights and Sounds of Warren County and has already netted some interesting finds.

“A gentlemen in Texas sent this [directs attention to a photograph] drinking water on park row. We also received one of a Woolworth counter in 1985,” explained Dorian Walker with the Historic Preservation board.

Board member, Walker said pictures help build the historic fabric of a community. He also said they’re hoping to find a clip of John F. Kennedy speaking in front of City Hall, while campaigning here in the 1960s.

“A lot of people, especially young children, have no idea someone so famous came here to speak to us,” Walker said.

Whether you come across something ordinary or extraordinary, people are encouraged to share their items for future preservation projects.

Organizers say the holidays are the perfect time to stroll down memory lane.

“People will be together reminiscing. It’s a great time to go through old boxes in the attic and pick out some things,” Walker expressed.

Items for the Sights and Sounds of Warren County collection project will be accepted throughout 2007. All originals will be copied and returned to the owner. They can be dropped off at the planning commission on State Street, in downtown Bowling Green, or call 842-1953 to schedule a pick up.