Allen County Schools Drug Testing Policy

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The Allen County School District and Premiere Drug Testing held two meetings Nov. 30, 2006, in hopes that parents, faculty and students get answers about their new drug testing policy.

The policy was first proposed in June 2006 and the board voted to pass it in September 2006.

The difference in this policy is that both students and faculty will be randomly selected for drug and alcohol testing and both will face the consequences.

The new random drug policy includes all teachers and students at the middle and high schools.

Student athletes, musicians, those who drive to school and others who participate in extra-curricular activities or clubs will be randomly tested for drugs and alcohol.

Superintendent of Allen County schools Larry Williams said so far parents have been supportive of what is typically a controversial topic.

April Craft, school teacher at Basil Middle, said drugs affect everyone regardless of age and that this is an opportunity for teachers to really be role models for their students.

Melanie Harston's daughter is a junior at Allen County High.

Harston said this is a positive policy, one that could reach out to those who wouldn't normally admit they need help.

Under the policy, the first offense carries a penalty of four weeks suspension from the club or organization and from driving. If a student tests positive twice, they can't participate for 12 weeks. And if a teacher tests positive, they will be terminated.

Random drug testing will start as early as next month.