Warren County School Security

A parent’s worst nightmare is their child being harmed. The last place you would feel your child would be in danger would be at school, under the care and guidance of teachers and administrators. The sad fact is, as history has shown in recent years, some schools have proven to be harmful to children.

Today marks the ninth anniversary of the Heath High School shooting in Paducah. We wanted to see how one school district is working to help keep your children safe.

“We have a top priority at any education system is the same way to give a child the best educational experience they can have, but you can’t have that unless you give them the best security system you possibly can,”

As of October, Warren County has completed their efforts to have one hundred percent security access where a person must be identified to enter their schools.

“While entering Warren County schools can be quite simple, exiting can be a whole other obstacle,” Exterior doors of the school have been equipped with cameras along with remaining locked at all times.

Many Warren County high schools have a full time school resource officer on staffs who ensures the schools safety as well.

“We provide protection and safety for people inside the school,”

Along with all the devices the schools have installed, they have also been hard at work training their staff on the procedures and policies to follow, in case of emergency.

“All of our schools have a lock down drill at least once a semester. It’s called an Intruder in the Building Drill. Simply when a teacher is given a call to please secure your area, all students go to classrooms that they belong to, then the teacher will lock their door so if their is an intruder in the hallway they do not have access into the classroom,”

The Warren County Public School District is currently in the process of upgrading their cameras to digital cameras, which can give a better image.

It also has received several phone calls from other counties in Kentucky inquiring about ways to get their school on the level of security that Warren County is.