Bowling Green High School Fans React to Friday's Game

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First there was confidence.

"Last year I think they just thought that they were the best and didn't think they could be beat, but this year since they got beat last year, I'm pretty sure they're ready to win."

Followed by optimism.

"There's always time to come back for the first half at least."

But by the second half of Friday night's 3-A state championship between Bowling Green and Covington Catholic, that confidence had faded into disappointment, as the Purples started turning blue. Not just because of the score of the game, but for some, It was the lack of fan support.

"We were very enthusiastic, we cheered until the end of the game and I'm kind of upset with our student section this year because I don't feel like we are motivating our team what so ever."

"When the players are kinda down, I'm sure they look up to the crowd or their friends and their family members, past alumni, look for it. If they don't see it, then you know, what do they have to play for."

Even though some Purple supporters said the fans lacked excitement, one Purple fan said they didn't, and that the Bowling Green high school football tradition will never fade.

"The tradition at Bowling Green high school is something that's remarkable once you're a Purple you're always a Purple and no matter where you go in the world, you've got that Purple spirit with you."

And that Purple spirit, is what many fans are hoping will lead them back to state next year, and who knows, the third time, could be a charm.

And here's a look at Bowling Green high school's trips to the state championship game. In 1994 the football team lost to Covington Catholic. The following year the purples went back to state beating Highland, making them the state champions. Ten years later, in 2005, the Purples returned to state but lost to Lexington Catholic. This year was the second year in a row for Bowling Green to make it to the state championship game.