Area Man Appears On National Game Show

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Brian Davis has always been an avid "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" watcher.

"Oh all the time. If I wasn't home, I taped it but i always caught it. I always watched it," Davis said.

Little did Davis know he would soon be a part of his favorite show.

The Franklin, Ky., resident saw a late night TV ad announcing a casting call for the show in Nashville.

"Went down there, tried out. Took two tests: general knowledge and movie trivia. Passed them both. Then I had two interviews with the producers of the show and they liked my enthusiasm and they gave me a call about three weeks later," Davis said.

Davis also said that trying to answer questions worth a lot of money can be difficult when having distractions around.

"The audience is right up on you. You have cameras in every direction pointing at you. You have monitors to and from by you there. With the audience looking in, Meredith looking in and everybody just right there on you, its a degree of nervousness you cannot even imagine."

Davis isn't allowed to say how well he did prior to the show airing but he said the whole experience was well worth it.

"Yeah, I had a great time. I would love to do it again."