Warren County Resident Brings Home Bronze Star

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McKinney said he's seen a lot while working on special missions over the years.

"I responded to the incident at the pentagon, at the time I was an FBI agent. Part of my experience in counter terrorism background came into play in the most recent deployments most recently in Iraq where we conducted counter terrorism operations."

McKinney, a jag officer, was awarded the bronze star for his experience in two different combat operations. McKinney said his family has always been behind him, and wouldn't be where he is now without their support.

"Team McKinney, as they like to call themselves, they sent a lot of letters and cards. My wife Terri she basically served as a single mother at the time," McKinney said.

"When you have a military soldier come back, they look around at the 99 percent that don't step up to the military, and there the initial feeling of they don't understand what I've been through or they're ungrateful or its an ungrateful nation. And what I'd have to say to that one percent of the soldiers who stand up, you know what, its not that we don't care because we very much do, we depend on you," said McKinney's wife Terri.

McKinney also said in addition to the support from his family his co-workers at the law firm English, Lucas, Priest, and Owsley have helped out whenever the McKinney family has needed anything.

"Every member of that firm helped out my family, brought over dinners, they helped babysit the kids. Just a wonderful employer and I'm really grateful for all their support, and other friends and family of the community have just bent over backwards."

McKinney graduated from high school in Barren County and went on to study at Westpoint. He later received a law degree from Indiana University. During his years of service he worked on an investigation at Guantanamo bay and helped on the gulf coast during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.