Keep Your Heating Bill Low This Winter

The National Weather Service has predicted a warmer but dryer winter for the South Central Kentucky area and with the harsh winter months approaching, keeping your home safe can actually help you save on energy bills.

The winter months can become very costly to many. Some tips to help conserve on your energy bills this cold season are...

  • Open blinds that face the sun in order to allow the natural light in to reduce your heating bill.
  • Shut off rooms that you do not use regularly.
  • Reverse your ceiling fan which will push warm air downward and force it to recirculate.
  • If radiators are located near cold walls place a sheet of aluminum foil between the radiator and the wall to reflect heat into the room.
  • Try to avoid using ventilating fans in bathrooms and kitchens...They tend to extract a household of warm air.

    Atmos Energy in Bowling Green has several things for you to think about this winter as well.

    “As far as heating goes, it’s having your thermostat at a temperature that keeps you warm but also that it’s not so warm that it really making your bills go up,” said Bill Greer, vice president of Atmos Energy. But remember, thermostat temperatures can vary from house to house.

    “Typically customers have their thermostats between 68 and 72 degrees,” Greer said.

    “Making sure filters are changed once a month just really improves the efficiency of the operation of the unit, it’s amazing the difference that that can make,” explained Greer. It’s important to maintain your filters. This can help keep your energy bills even lower.

    Atmos Energy also suggests investing in programmable thermostats to turn down temperatures without sacrificing comfort.

    Community Action of Southern Kentucky has a heating assistance program that is state funded. You can call (270) 782-3162 to apply for assistance from the program.