Students Help Solve City Problems

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For high school students like Katie Goodwin, its all about thinking for today.

"What i hope to get out of this program is a change in our society today," says the Bowling Green High student.

That's why Goodwin, along with high school students throughout the county chose to participate in "Student Solutions".

The aim of the program is to give students a chance to come up with their own solution to problems City Officials in Bowling Green are currently facing.

"This helps kids to think, to communicate, to work with others and to use technology and that's why we hire people to do almost any job," says City Manager Kevin DeFebbo, who brought the program to Bowling Green.

The group Greenwood High junior Ryan Cummings was in had to weigh in with their thoughts on how to incorporate values into the school system for future politicians.

A task which he says was hard at first.

"It was very nervous at first. But once all of us just got together, got our ideas on paper, we finally got the ball rolling. Our ideas came together nicely."

One group of Bowling Green High students highlighted adding a skate club and billboards to the city in order to promote the new Skate Park.

Goodwin's group was charged with how to brand all city offices in one uniform style.

"Our solution was to unite all brands together. We want it to be voluntary where the company offers its logo to be printed in with everyone elses," she notes.

Goodwin says the experience to take ownership of her community is something that more youth need to do.

"I think our youth isn't as involved as years past in our community. I think our youth should raise their voice and take a stand and work together."

DeFebbo says the ideas the students came up with will be used by the city if they are viable.