Toy Recalls

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"I was very excited because I have a grandson who will be 6-months-old, I thought I'd found the perfect toy," explained Pat Bertelson.

You may have a story just like Pat, who had high hopes for the game Learn Around Playground.

Bertelson bought the toy with no idea it was recalled and could potentially hurt her grandchild.

"Apparently children had gotten their hand stuck in a little hole where the ball goes up," Bertleson explained, after returning the toy.

"Basically we follow what the company wants us to do, refund, give a one-eight-hundred number, a replacement or send it back and give them something else," explained Bob Irizarry, a manager at Target in Bowling Green, Ky. Companies feel they must satisfy the customer and although Bertleson didn't buy her toy at Target, other stores we have spoke with, say their policies are similar.

Toy maker, Leap Frog, gave her a new one, fixed with a piece of plastic, just in time for Christmas.

"Definitely frustrated parents; most of the time these recalls come three to four months after they've been using it," said Irizarry. He understands why customers get so upset about recalled toys.

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