No One Getting Flu Shots?

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Have you received your flu shot? Officials at the Barren River District Health Department say most people haven't.

"Part of the reason may be because of warmer weather we've been experiencing in the fall. People aren't thinking about the flu and then we had some areas that were delayed in getting the vaccine," said Tina Loy, a Communicable Disease nurse.

Loy also said that waiting until the forecast changes is not the best idea to keep well.

"It does take your body two weeks to respond to the flu vaccine, so you want to go ahead and get the flu vaccine before the flu is actually circulating in the area," Loy said.

Also according to Loy, so far the Health Department has only used a little more than half of its influenza vaccines this year. She said some people have been worrying that there would not be enough vaccine at the Health Department to go around this year, much like last year.

However, that's not the case this year.

"Often in the flu season, its based on the demand of the vaccine so if providers are able to get the vaccine, then the Health Department may not be giving out as much because people have been able to get it elsewhere," Loy said.

She also said its important that the supply is used or else it becomes wasted.

"The vaccine is only good for one season because every year they produce a new vaccine for a new strain, that vaccine does expire after the flu season," Loy said.

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