Rose McDowell Sues "The Spillway" for Her Two Sons' Deaths

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Rose McDowell is suing The Spillway Bar And Grill, claiming the bar's employees should have kept Rory and Cory McDowell from leaving the premises after consuming enough alcohol to impair their ability to drive.

The men died in separate auto accidents exactly one year ago today. Twenty-three-year-old Rory's pickup hit a tree on Plum Springs Road at 1:25 a.m.. Twenty minutes later, 21-year-old Cory spun his Porsche out of control, hit a tree, and caught fire on Mount Olivet Road.

Rose McDowell is seeking an unspecified amount of damages. In 2002 the parents of two teens killed in a DUI crash in Louisville, successfully sued the restaurant which had served the DUI driver alcohol for $21,000,000.

To view a copy of the filed complaint, click here.