WKU Security Cameras

Safety of the students on campus is the top priority for the Western Police Department.

The department recently added 19 new cameras around campus bringing the total to 33.

Now with additional security cameras, the department can watch the grounds more closely, including areas that are difficult to get to by foot.

"I hope that just the presence of these cameras will be a deterrent to crime on campus", said Captain Mike Dowell.

The police department remodeled its communications department to accommodate all of the new equipment.

The cameras are on 24/7 and dispatchers can pan, tilt, and zoom the lenses to see the area better.

"Our police officers can't be everywhere at one time, but these cameras can cover a whole lot of extra areas that are hard to get by foot," said Captain Dowell.

The department says these cameras are just another tool to help keep the students safe.

The officers are also hoping to get more cameras in the future.

"We're hoping to get another grant to add another phase to this project which will add more cameras to other areas of campus, outlying areas to our community college at South Campus and our parking lots," said Captain Dowell.

The cameras were part of a $395,000 grant that Senator Jim Bunning helped secure.