Paintball Tournament Makes it's way to Bowling Green

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Paintball is an adult version of the children's game "Capture the Flag"
The object of the game is to capture the other team's flag and bring it to your team's home base.
Along with trying to capture the flag, players are also trying to eliminate opposing players by tagging them with water soluble paint being shot from a paint gun.

"We are trying to out do and out think the opponent and eliminate him from the game then once you eliminate him from the game you gain points"
Says Brent Sanford owner of N-Tense Sports

Once players are tagged with paint they are out of the game until the next game starts.

"It's a good sport for team work because you have to work together to accomplish your goal"
Says Sanford

Being shot by the actually paint can be painful but some say not bad enough to not play the game.

"In a weird way kinda way the pain is a good pain not a bad pain"
Says Brad Reinbold who participated in the tournament

To enthusiasts of the sport they say they just can't get enough.

"I have a passion for paintball and I will do whatever it takes to play"
Says Tim Slaven who participated in the tournament

The sport brings people together to not only have a good time but to show true team spirit on the field.

"I think it's the camaraderie. Paintball has a lot of camaraderie if you watch for a little bit here guys will be sharing their equipment and helping each other out.
Says Brent Sanford owner of N-Tense sports

If you would like to learn more about paintball or the next event that is taking place in the area you can contact N-Tense Sports at 270-796-4120.