Simpson County Withdraws Support from ITA

After years of planning and support, Simpson County will no longer support the I.T.A. and Kentucky Trimodal Transpark.

In a meeting of the Simpson County Fiscal Court Tuesday morning, Magistrate Kennety Utley made a motion to withdraw support, which eventually led to a vote. That vote came back 4 to 1 in favor of revoking support.

Simpson County Judge Jim Henderson was the only dissenting vote.
Those that voted for pulling out of the agreement say they're concerned that the I.T.A. could entice industries to Bowling Green that might otherwise have located in Franklin.

Partners with the I.T.A. receive a five percent partnership, and are guaranteed no exposure for financial loss for a number of years. They also get an Internet link on the I.T.A. website and have a seat on the I.T.A. Board.

But after revoking their support, Simpson County will not receive any of these partner benefits. News Center 13 was unable to reach Kenneth Utley for comment.