Third Woman in History to Serve on State's High Court

Kentucky's Supreme Court has added the panel's third female member in history today.

Justice Mary Noble of Lexington, Ky., donned her black robe and for the first time addressed the audience in the Supreme Court chambers at a swearing-in ceremony. Friends and colleagues hailed Noble's ascension to the court as a historic moment for women.

Former Justice John Palmore said during the ceremony "This is a step, it's a small step, but it is a step forward for civilization."

Noble follows former Justice Sara Combs and Justice Janet Stumbo in the seven-member high court. Currently, the court has six men and Noble as the only woman serving.

Former-Governor Brereton Jones appointed Combs, who was former Governor Bert T. Combs' widow. Combs joined the court in July 1993. Combs lost her seat on the court to Stumbo the following November. Noble defeated former Justice John Roach in the November 2006 election to join the court.