Adventures in Kentucky: Rock Climbing

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After last week’s relaxing disc golf adventure, I have found something a bit more extreme. If you’re not afraid of heights or a little work, this adventure might be the one for you, as I take you to an all new high.

Rock climbing is a sport that involves several elements and one simple goal, getting to the top.

To prepare for this adventure, I met up with Nat’s Christian Carillo and a few friends. With climbing, experience and safety are extremely important, they had both.

While climbing, two people are working in tandem. The person on the ground is the belayer. They give and take slack out of the rope for the climber. A good belayer will also assist the climber with technique and spotting good holds.

Contrary to popular belief, climbing is not about brute strength but rather flexibility and technique, though some strength is required.

The more you can use your legs the better off you are. The muscles in the fingers and forearms of a climber tire much more quickly than the legs. So much, that there comes a point when you can no longer hold to the rock and the inevitable fall occurs.

It is when the climber falls that the belayer’s most important role comes into play, stopping the climber from hitting the ground.

So climbing is a lot of fun, pretty tiring and also could be pretty dangerous but overall, not a bad past time.

The personal challenge, coupled with the necessity of a team, makes climbing an exciting and rewarding sport. With plenty of places to climb, this is a great way to get out and explore.

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