Holiday Safety Tips

Statistics estimate that between 2000 and 2003 more than 17,000 people or 62 percent of those aged 20-49 were treated in emergencies across the country for holiday decorating-related injuries.

WBKO's Ryan Dearbone has more on some of the things to watch out for while decorating and how to safely decorate your home for the holidays.

While decorating for the holidays might not sound dangerous, it may be more hazardous to your health than you realize. For example, approximately 43 percent of all injuries during this time involve someone falling from a ladder while trying to decorate.

"They get the ladder out of the garage. They start climbing on the roof, doing things that they're normally not use to doing," said Doug Gorman of Booth Fire & Safety.

However one can avoid landing on their back or worse while decorating.

Don't stand on the top rung. Make sure you have solid footing," Gorman said. "What happens is people aren't really used to doing that in everyday life so when they get out there and climb the roof things can happen. Those are very serious things that happen if you fall off a ladder, fall off a roof."

In addition, you should be careful where you place your ornaments on the tree.

"If you have small children in the house, try not to put glass ornaments on smaller or lower branches because they can break. Children are fascinated by the colors and things like that so they might bite into those," Gorman said.

Another holiday decorating problem comes in the form of electrical cords.

"We don't have enough outlets or we run too many lights, so we start running extension cords and the biggest no-no is running those cords underneath a carpet, underneath where its not supposed to be, overloading the circuits that causes a heat build-up, can cause fires," Gorman said.

According to Gorman, instead one should use a power strip as well as only plugging in the necessary items so circuits won't overload.

It is also suggested that Christmas lights shouldn't be left on if no one is at home to monitor them.