Fecal Matter Has Forced a Beaver Dam Family Out of Home

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After a sewer line flooded his basement and his house became contaminated with fecal matter, homeowner, Travis Raymond said he had no choice other than to buy another home.

It was a last resort after he said the city of Beaver Dam, Ky., promised twice to pay for the contamination to be cleaned up. Both times an environmental group called Elite Environmental Services deemed his home uninhabitable after the contamination spread from the basement to the first floor.

The Raymond family then moved to a bed and breakfast where their living expense totaled almost $10, 000 for four months. The city has since reimbursed the family, but Raymond still owes thousands in bills, including two mortgages and feels litigation with the city of Beaver Dam could go on for years.

"Now it's been two years and four months later, the problem is not solved, nobody is doing what they said they'd do," Raymond said.

WBKO attempted to interview the city of Beaver Dam, but they said at this time litigation is pending and they could not comment.

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