American Cave Museum Renovations

A once polluted cave is seeing new life.

Hidden River Cave in Horse Cave, Ky., was unusable for 50 years due to sewage pollution. However after a clean-up in 1993, people could once again tour the cave.

Now the American Cave Museum will soon be larger and have more exhibits.

While Hidden River Cave is hidden by the hustle and bustle of the town, the American Cave Museum is working to make it more visible.

For almost the last decade, fundraising efforts have been underway to expand the visitors center.

So far $2.5 million of the $3-million-goal has been raised. However, being so close to the end isn't always easy.

"It's very frustrating because most of the easy sources of funding we found a long time ago, finding those last bits and pieces to finish everything is difficult," said David Foster, the executive director of the American Cave Museum and Hidden River Cave.

The expansion will enable the center to have a larger lobby and entrance, more exhibits and classroom spaces for large groups.

"We get 100 kids, it's kind of cramped in our building and we're going to have a lot of space for those kids to explore," Foster said.

The center is hoping that the expansion will help it double the number of visitors that come to the cave.

"We want to be a focal point to teach people why cave and karst resources are valuable and why they need to be protected," Foster said.

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