Playstation III Tournament Sponsored by WGGC

One of the items that are on a lot of people’s wish lists is a Playstation III. Today local residents competed for the much-sought after game system.

WGGC radio station, along with Crossroads IGA, sponsored a tournament for the Playstation III. The game system was released on Nov. 17, of this year and has continued to be a top seller in the stores. The tournament brought out a large crowd to compete for the game.

“We’ve drawn out twelve people to participate in the tournament and each round, they will be eliminated until we finally have one winner ... Well, the last two will play a different game and it will be timed,” said Donna Rich, WGGC Account Executive.

The Playstation tournament was tonight from 4-6 p.m. Race car driver Lindsay Daniels was also on hand to greet those competing in the tournament.