Victim's Son Speaks Out About Deadly Intersection

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At first glance the intersection of Highway 1214 and 3155 in Leitchfield looks like any other spot in the road, look closer though and you see evidence of a shattered life still scattered on the road. Now, less than a month after the death of Gary Logsdon his son Randy is asking why this intersection isn't safer.

"If they know deaths are going to happen, they need to have in the budget, for some type of precaution." Randy Logsdon says

On the afternoon of November 21st, just two days before Thanksgiving Gary Logsdon was driving to Wal-mart. When he reached the intersection and turned right, his car was hit by a truck that was traveling in cross traffic. Randy says, he's not sure why the Kentucky Department of Highways decided to change the traffic pattern of the road.

"For 50 year this has been a straight through road and now they've opened it up to where you stop now and this goes through."

Logsdon says he's called the highways department, and is not pleased with their response to his request for a stop light to be put up at the intersection.

"According to her statistics, it's just normal for people to get killed in a certain amount of accidents per a new intersection."

"This really goes back to you know, who's in charge of running these, developing these, responsible for the projects. You know, they need to spend the tax payers money better, and let the tax payers know what the statistics are, and if people are going to die when they put in a new intersection."

Randy Logsdon has started a petition to have a red light installed at the intersection of 1214 and 3155, so far he has collected more than two hundred names.

Lawmakers say the issue will be brought before the state highways department.

WBKO contacted state representative Carol Gibson. Gibson says he wants to talk to Bill Nighbert about the intersection before commenting to us.