Logan Pain Management Center Employees Sentenced

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A Russellville, Ky., doctor's wife and her father have been sentenced to federal prison for their parts in a healthcare fraud conspiracy.

Forty-nine-year-old Jody Stevens and her father, 70-year-old Edward Bailey, both of Russellville, were sentenced Dec. 14, for submitting bills to Medicaid, Medicare and Private Health Insurance, for tests and services that were never provided, while working for Dr. Michael P. Stevens' Medical Practice and the Logan Pain Management Center.

Jody Stevens, the office manager for the Center, was sentenced to two years in prison. Bailey, who provided billing services for the center, received a 1-year, 9-month sentence. The pair must pay $355,912.63 in restitution.

They pleaded guilty after just two days of testimony in their federal trial in Owensboro, Ky.

By agreement, Dr. Stevens will serve 18 months probation and the U.S. will dismiss the charges against him.

The U.S. also has a pending civil suit under the False Claims Act against Dr. Stevens, his wife Jody, her father Edward Bailey, his wife Judith E. Bailey, as well as the Logan Pain Management Center, which the U.S. intends to pursue vigorously.