New Information on Kentucky’s Miss USA

New York newspapers continue to report on what Tara Conner allegedly did to upset pageant organizers. From wild partying, to alleged drug use and even kissing Miss Teen USA in public ... it could all cost Conner her crown.

There’s an announcement planned for tomorrow in New York.

For now, Conner is reportedly back in Kentucky at her mother’s home in Russell Springs.

Tara Conner is 21-years-old today and if reports are true, the former small town beauty queen turned Miss USA is no longer living her fairy tale, lavish lifestyle in the Big Apple. Instead she could be back home, possibly even here at her mother’s house.

“I think we should still love her and support her,” photographer, Linda McGowan said.

New York press is reporting that Conner tested positive for cocaine and engaged in wild partying.

But Conner’s friends like McGowan said she never believes everything she hears.

“I would just like to hear the other side of the story. I mean all we’ve heard is the bad,” McGowan said.

None of the neighbors have seen Conner, but several New York newspapers are reporting that Donald Trump told Conner to leave her apartment and that she came home over the weekend. Conner’s aunt wouldn’t comment on where Conner is and no one was home at her mother’s house.

Penny Rizenberg became friends with Conner when the then Miss Kentucky spoke to some children at a Somerset Church. She believes Conner has fallen into temptation, but believes Conner can climb her way out.

“And if this does come down to her worst nightmare, then don’t give up. God can take it and turn it around for good and give her a platform for something even greater than Miss USA,” said Rizenberg. “I mean if she did do some of this stuff, she needs help. She needs our love and support.”

And while the lewd behavior has not been confirmed by pageant officials, many here say they’re already ready to forgive.

Donald Trump has scheduled a news conference for 10 a.m. Tuesday morning in which he is expected to reveal more of what has happened with Conner.