BG Lodging Assoc. Backs Beech Bend

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The Bowling Green Area Lodging Association has decided to make a public show of support for Beech Bend Raceway in an ongoing property dispute.

Beech Bend Park has filed a civil lawsuit against Judge Matt Baker, who owns a house adjoining the park. Beech Bend officials claim a 600-foot stretch of Beech Bend Road is public property, but Baker contends it is his private driveway.

Promoters of two race events have pulled their commitments from Beech Bend after use of the road, utilized as tractor-trailer access for race rigs, came into question. Local tourism officials estimate the two events brought in over $2 million in local tourism revenue.

A decision in the lawsuit has been delayed until after Election Day, since Judge Baker is up for re-election. Lodging Association officials say they will not become embroiled in politics, but do plan to place ads and banners stating their support for the raceway.

Judge Baker has reportedly told Beech Bend officials that they can use the road at any time, but officials say race promoters need more than a verbal guarantee.