Area Judges Sworn In

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The wheels of justice will turn smoothly from this year to the next, as an appellate court judge, two district judges, four circuit judges and the Warren Circuit Court clerk are all sworn in.

Newly-elected Kentucky Supreme Court Justice, John D. Minton Jr. from Bowling Green, did the honors.

Everyone sworn in was an incumbent except Attorney Kelly Thompson Jr., who is now a judge on Kentucky’s Second District Court of Appeals.

"The good part about this job is you get to write those decisions that go in the books and decide people's fates in the future and that's one of the hardest parts of writing a decision. ... I hope when I'm finished, there'll be respect for my opinions," Thompson said.

Circuit Judges Sworn In:

  • Steve Wilson, Warren Circuit, Division I
  • John Grise, Warren Circuit, Division II
  • Margaret Huddleston, Warren Circuit, Division III
  • Catherine Holderfield, Warren Circuit, Division IV

    District Judges Sworn In:

  • Sam Potter, Warren District, Division I
  • Brent Potter, Warren District, Division II

    In addition to the judges, Warren Circuit Court Clerk, Pat Howell Goad, was also sworn in the afternoon of Fri., Dec. 22.