Holiday Air Travel Tips

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As holiday travelers finish up the first leg of their journey, many say the increased airport security measures have not effected their travel plans.

"I just packed what I needed to go home, no extra precautions."

"I don't worry about a thing, terrorism is over stated. Oh, but I did have to put my liquids in a special little baggy."

If you are traveling over the next few days, the Transportation Security Administration does have a few holiday tips before you fly. If you're bringing along a yummy treat such as cake or pie they are allowed to be carried on, but remember that many deserts have similar charateristics to liquids and gels, which cannot be carried on in large amounts. Your deserts may need futher inspection. Also make sure any gifts that you bring are unwrapped, if a gift sets off an alarm, TSA will have to unwrap the gift, slowing you down. Although weather slowed down thousands of travelers earlier this week across the country, there are no major delays expected for the rest of the long holiday weekend. One couple heading to London to see grandkids for the holiday say the fog that delayed flights in London earlier, has lifted and they're ready to take off.

"We heard it had been closed for two days but his morning they said it was lifting, so it's going to be great all the way. We're looking forward to a great christmas."

Airport officials said they expected over 12- thousand people to fly through Nashville's airport today. They also anticipate that the busiest return days to fly will be Tuesday and Wednesday.