Last Minute Shoppers

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There are always the shoppers who begin shopping for the next Christmas, the day after the holiday but there are also the shoppers who just never seem to get ahead. You can usually find these shoppers out on Christmas Eve.

The sounds of Christmas were heard loud and clear as shoppers made their last selections of gifts for their 2006 Christmas festivities.

"Basically what we've seen is a lot of appliances, last minute things and people asking for certain toys but just in and out real quick ... An extra day of shopping," Target manager Bob Irizarry said.

For many, shopping on Christmas Eve has become a tradition and they say they can usually find some "pretty awesome" deals, some which they will use for next year.

" ... Decorations and stuff for the home for next year ... Cards on sale, stuff like that," shopper, Carla Hughes said.

Others said they were out shopping for fun gifts in order to have a couple jokes around the tree this year and didn't actually have to fight the crowd to do their real shopping.

"You have to do shopping online," shopper, Joe Stockman said.

Along with Christmas Eve shopping being a tradition for many, there are still some who use this day as their only day of shopping for the holiday all year long.

"If I'm not out on Christmas Eve, it's not a normal Christmas, so that's just me. I'll be out here till five, six maybe, even later ... still shopping," shopper Ronnie Martin said.