A House Full of Trees

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A local woman houses 80 Christmas trees in her home and seems to be adding more each and every year.

"I'd like to have a couple more with a couple of ideas I have in mind. I'd like to add five to my collection, five more," Mary Louise Colston said.

That's what Colston said last year, about adding more Christmas trees to the 51 she already had in her home. However, a "couple" more turned into nearly 30 more.

She now has 80 Christmas trees in her home.

"My goal was two or three more but I just kept on and kept on adding more trees," Mary Louise said.

"I figured when she had 51 that was enough but she said 'we're going to have more next year' and I couldn't figure out where she was going to put all of them but she's got them all over the place," said Roger Colston, Mary Louise's husband.

She's added trees with themes that family and friends have helped her come up with.

"One new tree upstairs, is called a friendship tree and when people come to visit the house, they can bring a Christmas ornament and they put it on the tree. It has their name on it and it's something I can remember them by," Mary Louise said.

She said she has trees ranging from 6 inches tall to 9 feet. She begins putting up the trees in September and said that every tree took between a day and a week to decorate.

Mary Louise said her goal next year is 100 trees.

Mary Louise would like to share the joy of her home with others. Click here to view her invitation.