Home for the Holidays

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Here's a different holiday story for you this Christmas night. When you think of being home for the holidays you may think of a big Christmas tree, with lots of gifts and family gatherings around the fireplace. For those who work and live in the Warren County Regional Jail, their perception varies a bit from the norm.

"It's business as usual. We come in at the same time as any other day. We have the same policy and procedure that we follow. We have a certain daily function that we do such as laundry and recreation. Just depending on how many in-takes we have, is how busy it will be here today," said Larry Milan, with the Warren County Regional Jail.

When you call the jail your home, being home for the holidays takes on a completely different meaning.

Inmate, Brandi Fisher said " ... We make Christmas trees out of magazines and put all of our Christmas cards up. A little bit more of a better surrounding makes it a little bit better."

Deputies gave inmates candy for the holiday, during the morning head count and a special meal was prepared to celebrate the season.

"They're going to be having roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, rolls and prune-cake, for their Christmas dinner," said Shelia Garris, of the Warren County Regional Jail.

In the end a roast beef dinner doesn't add up to being with family for the holidays, whether you're an deputy or an inmate.

"You see the cards that they get, you see the letters from their families and you know it's a reality check, it's kinda sad sometimes," said Michael Richardson, also with the jail.

"It's hard because you're away from your friends and family but ... I've been here for a while so I'm used to it I guess," said Brandi.

Deputies told us that Christmas Day at the jail was a slow one this year. They said the slow day makes up for what they predict will be a very busy New Year's Eve.