After Christmas Shopping

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Just like the day after Thanksgiving, after-Christmas sales always draw large crowds. Some people don't necessarily come out for the sales but to return items they received during the holiday.

On Christmas Eve area stores were busy with those looking for that last minute gift. Two days later, stores are busy once again with the bustle of people looking for the after Christmas sales.

Jim Sauerheber, the manager of Target in Bowling Green, said shoppers aren't returning Christmas presents but looking for great deals.

"Today's not a big return day for us, because a lot of people are still shopping and a lot of our Christmas merchandise is 50% off so a lot of our guests come in real early and they're really buying more than they're returning," Sauerheber said.

We talked to a lot of people who came out to the stores for a number of different reasons ...

" ... Return stuff and get a few more things."

" ... Find all those little Christmas bargains."

" ... Returning a dart board."

" ... My wife made me ... "

Whatever reason for coming out to shop after the holiday, Sauerheber said a lot of gift cards are being used to make the after Christmas purchases.

"You know that's a great last minute gift and a lot of people got them. We're probably running 30%, maybe 40% of our guests are using gift cards today," Sauerheber said.

The Market Research Firm predicts that gift card sales will total approximately $25 billion during the 2006 holiday season, an increase of $6 billion from 2005.

A lot of stores are slashing prices today to make up for a lack luster holiday sales period. Prices on winter clothing items are also being marked down because of the warmer than usual winter.