Russell Springs Man Arrested for Internet Child Porn

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Authorities have arrested a Russell Springs man on child pornography charges.

Scotty Hopper is in federal custody, charged with trying to coerce teenage girls to engage in sexually explicit conduct, which could then be sent out over the Internet. He’s also charged with receiving, distributing and possessing child pornography via a computer.

Court records indicate Hopper and Babar Majid Chaudhry, a Pakistani man in custody in Michigan, used computer programs to take control of teenage girls' computers.

The FBI said the two would then blackmail the girls, threatening to ruin their reputations or their parents' credit unless the girls sent them nude pictures of themselves.

The men could make the girls' computer screens go blank, open and close their CD trays and steal pictures from their computers.

Hopper is expected to be indicted Jan. 10.