Stolen Catalytic Converters

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Police in Southern Kentucky say they’re dealing with an unusual crime that could affect any driver. They say many people are stealing catalytic converters from under your cars and trucks.

It’s a crime where victims never know anything’s missing from their cars, until they start their engines.

“Yes ... It’s straight raw exhaust ... No muffler, anything,” said Bill Dorman of Holt Auto Repair.

Billy is seeing more customers complaining of that loud engine noise. That’s because people are stealing their catalytic converters and they want the platinum from inside.

“It’s 12, $1,300 an ounce. An average converter will bring you at least $100,” Billy said.

Police say thieves are targeting people in rural areas, in shopping centers, just about anywhere cars are found.

“But within three minutes they can have it off and be gone,” said Deputy Michael Burton, of the Adair County Sheriff’s Department.

Fixing the damage done to your car isn’t cheap. A mechanic said replacing catalytic converters can run anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to a thousand. And the scary thing about all of this is that police say anyone can be a victim.

“From what we know they’re just randomly picking cars that they know they can get a converter off,” said Trooper Andy Olson with Kentucky State Police.

Police say they know of some suspects but no arrests have been made. They’re also telling drivers in Southern Kentucky to park in well lit places to avoid such theft.